Build your Google presence and boost local SEO

Get your business on Google

Google My Business has superseded Google Places. Google My Business connects your business with customers through Google’s Search, Maps and Google+ platforms. Setting up and optimizing your Google My Business page can earn positive local SEO value and put your business on the map and in front of prospective customers.

An optimised My Business page will help you to:

Increase visibility of your business in search results.

Add contact information, opening times and directions so your customers can get in touch.

Put your business on the map.

Help your customers with directions to your physical business location. Google’s latest local search algorithm, Pigeon, gives business proximity priority in search results.

Make an impact with Google+.

Build a loyal customer base. Your customers can share their positive experience by rating and reviewing your business.

Consider these search scenarios:

When a potential customer is looking for a great coffee shop to visit, they may only look in a radius of a few kilometers. Ok, in the case of a seriously dedicated coffee nut, they might drive across town for a great latte, but otherwise they’re searching locally.

Another person looking to have their washing machine serviced may search for a call out service any where in the same city.

Either way, a Google My Business page will be an effective and free means of attracting new business. If your business is not listed those searching customers will find another alternative. So it pays to be as visible as possible to Google.

How do you get listed at the top of search results using Google My Business?

Here is an important list of factors that contribute to ranking well:

Website Reputation

Great website experience for your visitors = a better quality score with Google. Your Google My Business ranking is boosted by the high quality and good reputation of your website.


Google will consider your businesses proximity to the search being undertaken when displaying the listing results.


Create a Google My Business page that is accurate and complete and tells the full story. Add images, video, trading hours or parking information.


Positive and authentic customer reviews on your Google My Business page will significantly contribute to your ranking.


An important step in SEO, these are the other directory listings that Google references in assessing the quality of your website. Google are sticklers for consistency, so it’s critical that every reference to your business Name, Address and Phone number (often called NAP) is identical. Having even minor variations of these listings will send negative trust signals and negatively affect your chance of ranking.

Google My Business optimization will allow you to most effectively leverage Google’s own services to achieve strong Google search performance. The ability to manage them all in one dashboard will empower you to build a community around your business. Is your business optimized for Google+ or Google Maps? We can help; let’s talk about optimizing your business Google My Business Page.